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Design and implementation of individual learning formats 

Your organization, your department or your team has a specific topic, for example self-leadership or New Work (Future Work), for which you would like a  learning format. Be it a keynote speech, a training session, a workshop or a learning format in small groups. After a needs discussion in advance, I will suggest suitable formats and you decide which of them suits your employees. I can put together various learning modules for you on the following topics.

Not only my expertise but also my passion lies in the following subject areas:

  • New Work - It´s an attitude - Why do we need a new way of working together and what does the attitude, the mindset of New Work mean for you and your daily practices?

  • New Leadership - New ways of working require a new way of leading with individual and organizational leadership principles. How do yours look?

  • New Learning  - Learning to learn is one of the most needed skills for New Work. But what actually is learning and how can learning lead to a learning organization?

  • Growth Mindset - What is a mindset and how can we consciously change it? Why does the mindset understanding serve us beyond the work context?

  • Self-Leadership - What is self-leadership and why is everyone talking about it? Which components would you like to establish and try out in practice?

  • Psychological safety in the team

  • New forms of organization and the informal side of the organization - cultures of the organization shape the behavior of all employees. What beliefs drive your organization?

Other topics can be requested. I also work in cooperation with other freelance trainers and coaches to design a holistic learning experience for you.

Also, I have discovered another passion topic in recent years and I give introductions to NFTs and Web3 that are not related to the investment factor, but to the human and organizational factors. For example, non-fungible tokens are suitable for certification of further training. 

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