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Consulting for Learning & Change Integration   

As an organization, department or team, you have set the goal of changing something. Everyone is talking about New Work (Future Work) as well as New Normal and due to greater dissatisfaction among employees or the increased desire for innovation, you are aware that a flexible working model alone is not enough to improve and redesign cooperation. It doesn't matter whether you have already started the first analyzes and identified pain points or are still at the very beginning.  

I advise on new concepts and innovative learning formats (learning experience designs) that support you in implementing changes sustainably and in developing the attitude that learning and change are integrated into everyday life. I work closely with existing initiators, HR departments, development teams or change facilitators and also have independent consultants, trainers and coaches in my network who can also support the implementation.

For this purpose, I work with you to develop individual learning journeys or individual impulses that represent a starting point for change. Attention only the starting point! After all, change is both an individual development and an organizational process. I continue to provide methods and formats for trying out and self-learning and come by for regular pulse checks, where we look for further suitable learning experiences and exercises together.

During my entire time as a consultant for learning and development at Accenture, I have learned that I can quickly understand a wide variety of corporate relationships and processes and develop suitable solutions together with the customer. Therefore, I look forward to advising you and your team.

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