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Maike May,
Learning & Growth Ambassador, Mom &
Web3 Enthusiast 

My personal growth is more reminiscent of lots of colorful splashes than the well-established image of the ladder. From bank clerk to childcare work, I did both and much more. This has mainly to do with my curiosity for different subject areas in which I can live out my creativity and love of innovation. From my experience, these are an incredible number of areas in life. Nevertheless, there are certain topics that have accompanied me throughout my career. These are the topics of people, systems/relationships, learning and further development.

I am passionate about creating new learning and development concepts, researching the content and setting it up didactically for a good learning experience. I'm just as happy to help with the implementation. My values of creativity, curiosity, relationships and challenges are used particularly well here. In addition to these, respect, freedom and transparency are also very important to me.

Why New Growth? Last year I did a very comprehensive training course (6 month fulltime) on the subject of New Work (Personal-Certified Trainer, Coach and Consultant New Work (TCCNW) - EN ISO IEC 17024) and found that the topic affects more than just the work context. In my first experiences as a coach, I realized again and again that it is about a holistic approach and for this reason I had to redefine my work in this area. Hence New Growth - it stands both for the individual redefinition of further development, but also for organizational further development. I, too, have defined my further development for myself, which follows the principles of New Work and relates to me as a person and also to the larger system in which we live. 

You can read about the exact stages of my career on LinkedIn. You can find out about my other passions on the other socials below.

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